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Welcome to the PHP Soap API Class Generation utility. How many times have you come across a great site with a WSDL SOAP Server, and you are just rearing to get your hands on the data that is being offered. You had to find the docs, generate a connection class using the PHP SoapClient, and then work out what parameters are needed to for each method available from the SOAP server. Absolute nightmare you would agree!

The APIGenerator at is the answer. If you enter a WSDL URL for a soap server, we will collect all the information we can directly from the server and try and create a class with full documentation (as much as is possible) to help get you started using the SOAP server. You can then edit this class according to your needs and be on your way to developing your SOAP based application in no time.

Granted, this system may have some issues, so you are going to need to just check through the code if you find anything that doesnt work. However, it should work out the box for most implementations of SOAP servers, (we have tried with SOAP services from Amazon, eBay and Google).


The first parameter is the WSDL URL - Please make sure this is correct.

The second parameter is the Class Name that must be generated (e.g. MyGoogle)

The third parameter allows you to enter additional class variables ($MyGoogle->MyVar type variables)

The fouth parameter allows you to specify if you want the return of a specific method to be placed into a class variable.

Please fill out all details below to create your PHP Soap API. Once you have completed all the fields - please click on submit. After a short pause your PHP API will be made available for you to download. If you get an WDSL error, please just try and resubmit - sometimes the server doesnt release the information as quickly as our server expects it.

Please note: As you know, services cost money to maintain and develop. So, if you feel this service has helped you in anyway, please would you make a donation by using our handy PayPal button located at the bottom of this page.